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Advanced sweeping and tapping
Learn to play advanced sweep picking in triad and 7th chord arpeggios, combining left and right hand tapping and extensions.
83 sales
Soloing over a chromatic progression
This lesson is focused on soloing over a chromatic chord progression. You will learn Pentatonic, Dorian and Chromatic licks, sweeping triads, bending with tapping and much more. Check it out!
33 sales
Paul Gilbert - Scarified
Paul Gilbert - Scarified
by Aleksandar-Sukovic | 09 December 2012
Difficulty: Advanced
Style: Shred / Heavy Metal
This song, like many other Gilbert’s songs, incorporates some of the exercises and licks that Gilbert usually uses in his style.
28 sales
Instrumental Design
This lesson has it all: catchy riff, cool melodic licks and technical exercises. Grab your copy today and start learning new ideas!
26 sales
Stand and Fight - solo
This solo is taken from my latest solo album called “Sevdah Metal”. It can improve your rock phrasing, alternate picking and overall rock soloing vocabulary.
19 sales
Combining Advanced Techniques
This lesson focuses on combining advanced techniques for solos. You'll learn to use legato, sweeping , tapping, picking, string skipping, bending, vibrato and tremolo arm.
18 sales
Heavy Metal Riffing
This lesson is mostly focused on the picking hand. Most of the parts of the arrangement are played in a way that your hand meets to play most of the nu-metal/thrash/death/progressive/power metal examples. The chord progression is very basic.
15 sales
Megadeth - Victory
Megadeth - Victory
by Irene-Ketikidi | 29 January 2011
Difficulty: Intermediate
Style: Heavy Metal
Learn to play "Victory" by Megadeth, featuring some great riffs and killer solos by Mustaine and Friedman.
15 sales
Petrucci meets Yngwie
In this lesson I will show how you can use advanced rhythmic concepts like odd time signatures and tempo changes to create more interesting musical passages. If you mix them in with simpler ideas you can create something original without losing the flow of the song.
14 sales
Arpeggio Miscuglio
Enjoy the endless passion for arpeggios and neoclassical aproach to guitar playing through varieties of sweeping and tapping.
14 sales
1st L4G competition - The winning entry
Hi! In this lesson we’ll be dissecting the winning entry of the 1st Live4Guitar competition and we’ll go through various phrasing ideas, as well as approaches to improvising and lead playing, in detail.
12 sales
Thrashed - Solo Study
Here we have Thrashed, a solo study in the Thrash Metal style that gained popularity in the mid 1980’s with bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, Exodus and Overkill. The style is based around fast palm muted downstroke riffs, alternate picking and fast bluesy hammer-on licks with bending and vibrato.
11 sales
Rock phrasing and key modulations - Rambler solo
Modulate between different keys within the "Rambler" solo and improve your tapping, sweeping and alternate picking vocabulary.
9 sales
Progressive Metal Solo
Progressive solo demonstrating how to sustain interest over a changes in keys and riffs.
7 sales
Angels Don't Kill - Children of Bodom - Solo
Welcome to this Children of Bodom lesson! This is one of my favorite solos from Alexi Laiho for its musicality and proper use of techniques, that’s why I chose to show it to you as a lesson.
7 sales
Metal Guitar Soloing Techniques
This solo contains a few tricky licks based in the Key of B minor over a metal backing track and is designed to equip you with some advanced lead playing ideas within the heavy metal genre. crank up the gain!
6 sales
Midnight Coffee Overdose
This song was my entry for Guitar Idol III. It involves some of my favourite rock techniques and licks, and it will improve your alternate picking, tapping, and string skipping, as well as develop stamina in your right hand, thanks to the prolonged wide stretches.
5 sales
Silver Gate
This is a simplified version of my tune "Silver Gate". It is a real challenge to all intermediate guitarists, and great review for every advanced player. The key of this tune is accuracy in left hand slides and right hand sweep picking.
5 sales
The Exit Point
The Exit Point
by Daddo-Oreskovich | 21 November 2013
Difficulty: Intermediate
This 6 string intermediate lesson is "Metal meets Funk" blend. It is a great value because there is a big assortment of techniques condensed in 1 minute. This is a great opportunity for intermediate players to advance to the next level. Rock Hard ;-)
5 sales
Metal Solo Workout in E
This short solo is a bit of a challenge due to the multiple techniques required and rapid switching between them. It begins in the key of E but changes for a short time to A and then D. It's not blazingly fast throughout but it's fast enough to expose weaknesses in your playing.
4 sales
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