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Comfortably Numb - Solos
Comfortably Numb - Solos
by Irene-Ketikidi | 13 February 2012
Difficulty: Intermediate
Learn to play the solos of one of the best rock songs of all time.
144 sales
Extended Pentatonic Licks
Extended Pentatonic Licks
by Irene-Ketikidi | 28 April 2012
Difficulty: Advanced
Style: Shred / Hard Rock
Get your pentatonic licks up to speed with these extended shapes, in the style of Paul Gilbert.
36 sales
On the Beach - Solo Study
Here we have a modern rock solo study "On the Beach" featuring the main techniques used in the 1980's hard rock style including bending, vibrato, picking, sweeping, legato and tapping, all presented in HD video including a 10 min lesson breakdown, complete with a set of high quality extended backing tracks & GP6/PDFs.
26 sales
Instrumental Design
This lesson has it all: catchy riff, cool melodic licks and technical exercises. Grab your copy today and start learning new ideas!
26 sales
Stand and Fight - solo
This solo is taken from my latest solo album called “Sevdah Metal”. It can improve your rock phrasing, alternate picking and overall rock soloing vocabulary.
19 sales
Malmsteen Style Rock
Malmsteen Style Rock
by Benni-Wilshire | 10 August 2011
Difficulty: Intermediate
A short song that i have composed that is in the style of some of Yngwie's more rock based songs. It involves a few different techniques such as sweep picking, alternate picking and pedal point playing. It is very representative of many of Yngwie's classic tracks!
18 sales
Gary Moore - Still Got the Blues - main solo
In this lesson we'll learn to play as accurately as possible the main solo of "Still Got the Blues" by Gary Moore.
16 sales
Economy Picking Lesson
Learn to play more efficiently with economy picking for a smoother sound and faster technique!
15 sales
1st L4G competition - The winning entry
Hi! In this lesson we’ll be dissecting the winning entry of the 1st Live4Guitar competition and we’ll go through various phrasing ideas, as well as approaches to improvising and lead playing, in detail.
12 sales
Blues Inspired Riff and Solo
This lesson is based on a Riff and Solo following a blues progression which focuses on different techniques and theoretical concepts.
12 sales
Thrashed - Solo Study
Here we have Thrashed, a solo study in the Thrash Metal style that gained popularity in the mid 1980’s with bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, Exodus and Overkill. The style is based around fast palm muted downstroke riffs, alternate picking and fast bluesy hammer-on licks with bending and vibrato.
11 sales
Stairway To Heaven solo
Stairway To Heaven solo
by Matt-Simon | 12 March 2011
Difficulty: Intermediate
The classic solo by Jimmy Page from Stairway To Heaven
10 sales
10 signature licks for the ultimate guitar player
Take your phrasing and technique to the next level with this lesson, where we'll be looking at 10 different licks and sections of solos taken from some of the greatest guitar players from the last decades (Andy Timmons, Eric Johnson, Greg Howe, Jeff Watson, Joe Satriani, Kee Marcello, Shawn Lane, Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore,...
10 sales
Dynamics and tone
Dynamics and tone
by Damir-Puh | 26 October 2010
Difficulty: Intermediate
Style: Hard Rock / Shred
In this lesson we will take a look at dynamics and tone - one of the most important aspects of playing and music in general. Great dynamic control is what makes your playing sound like it means something and it is one of the key things that separates the average players from the “pros”.
9 sales
Rebirth of a Lost World
In this lesson we'll be looking at my instrumental composition "Rebirth of a Lost world". It's a song that, apart from a lot of cool melodic licks and phrasing ideas, contains a variety of techniques such as: alternate picking, sweeping, slide, tremolo bar, vibrato, legato, and much more.
9 sales
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody Solos
Learn how to play solos from Queen's masterpiece - Bohemian Rhapsody.
8 sales
Rock n Roll Shred
Hi guys! Welcome to this lesson using a lot of different techniques in rock guitar, such as, tapping, arpeggios, string skipping, and different combinations of them.
6 sales
Europe - The Final Countdown - solo
We will be seeing how to play as accurately as possible the solo of “The Final countdown” by Europe. This solo includes a few interesting guitar techniques such as alternatet picking, vibrato, slides, bendings, use of tremolo bar, hammer ons, pull-offs, etc. The harmonized part will be also taught.
6 sales
Modes For You - Part 3
Modes For You - Part 3 covers 3 modes, G Lydian, G Mixolydian and G Dorian. Technique wise it's pretty simple and should cover beginner and intermediate level of players.
5 sales
Midnight Coffee Overdose
This song was my entry for Guitar Idol III. It involves some of my favourite rock techniques and licks, and it will improve your alternate picking, tapping, and string skipping, as well as develop stamina in your right hand, thanks to the prolonged wide stretches.
5 sales
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