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All of me
In this lesson we will explore the changes of the famous jazz standard “All Of Me” that almost every jazz/pop/rock musician should know.
540 sales
Blue Bossa
Blue Bossa
by Damjan-Pejcinoski | 16 January 2013
Difficulty: Advanced
In this lesson we will study gypsy phrasing on the famous jazz standard "Blue Bossa". Many of the scales and licks can be used on every similar progression or 2/5 chord changes.
104 sales
Rondo Alla Turca - Turkish March
In this lesson we will study one of the Mozart's finest - the famous "Rondo alla Turca". I am using my own fingering and I also added an improvisation part.
88 sales
Say why you left me - (Kazi zosto me ostavi)
In this lesson we will explore the fundamentals of gypsy jazz trough my arrangement of the famous Macedonian evergreen "Say why you left me" (Kazi zosto me ostavi).
64 sales
Super Mario Theme
Super Mario Theme
by Damjan-Pejcinoski | 21 March 2013
Difficulty: Intermediate
In this lesson we will learn one of the most famous video game melodies - Super Mario
34 sales
Easy Gypsy
Easy Gypsy
by Hamo-Salihbegovic | 14 October 2010
Difficulty: Intermediate
This lesson is for gypsy style lovers. It has a very tasty melody and harmony, which brings you some typical gypsy jazz type chords.
32 sales
ABBA - Waterloo
This is my fingerstyle arrangement of Abba popular song "Waterloo" performed on "Eurovision Song Contest" (1974).
24 sales
Can't take my eyes of you - Frankie Valli
This is one of my favorite fingerstyle covers. The track was featured in "Deer Hunter" movie 1978.
23 sales
Hora Martisorului
Hora Martisorului is one of the most famous Romanian dance compositions for violin composed by Grigoras Dinicu. This version is adjusted for acoustic guitar in gypsy jazz style.
16 sales
Brucia la Terra - from The Godfather
"Brucia la Terra" (Burn the Earth) is an authentic Sicilian ballad from the town of Corleone. It is a song written for The Godfather (1972), the first film in The Godfather trilogy. This acoustic arrangement is made in a swing feel with fingerstyle technique.
10 sales
Acoustic Romance
Nice and catchy tune for acoustic guitar which will spice up the playing of both begginer and intermediate players.
9 sales
Acoustic Guitar For Beginners 3 - Classical Style Piece
Part 3 is an easy classical style piece that can be played unaccompanied, with the backing track or with 2 other guitarists.
3 sales
Poker Face - Play Acoustic Like A Pro
Learn how to turn a cover song from chords strums to a pro performance. Backing track includes vocals!
3 sales
Acoustic for Beginners 1 - James Bond
The Acoustic Guitar for Beginners series. From 'just picked up the guitar' to 'can play a song', this will add some songs to your vocabulary whilst building on technique.
2 sales
This Love - Play Acoustic Like A Pro
Learn how to turn a cover song from chords strums to a pro performance. Backing track includes vocals!
2 sales
Girl From Oklahoma Solo - Steel Panther
This is a lesson for the solo from Girl From Oklahoma by 80's metal tribute band Steel Panther. It's a nice acoustic ballad solo that has some really nice phrasing and is a great solo to learn to show some nice phrase spacing, major pentatonic use and acoustic soloing.
2 sales
Fingerpicking exercise - Shifting 3 fingers
This exercise will help you gain better control when moving through strings with your motor (right) hand.
2 sales
Changing Lives
Changing Lives
by Josep-Suller | 09 January 2016
This lesson is my instrumental composition for acoustic guitar "Changing lives". Apart from a lot of cool melodic licks and phrasing ideas, it contains a variety of techniques. Enjoy.
2 sales
Acoustic For Beginners 2 - The Pirate Song
Acoustic for Beginners series; lesson 2 is The Pirate Song. An easy piece to learn which can be played unaccompanied.
1 sales
Acoustic for Beginners 4 - Sunday Stroll
Acoustic for Beginners series; lesson 4 is Sunday Stroll. This will introduce you to playing chords with a pick.
1 sales
Acoustic Guitar for Beginners - Fingerpicking - Part 1
Never played fingerstyle before? Now you can!
1 sales
Acoustic Solo in C
Acoustic Solo in C
by Daniel-Realpe | 04 September 2012
Difficulty: Intermediate
Hi! In this new lesson I’ll be doing a solo in an acoustic with steel strings. I’m using a very common chord progression using chords taken from C major, all of them are taken from the key, meaning that we are not using ANY alteration, and that goes for the solo as well,
1 sales
Odd Times 5/4  'Never'
A lesson in 5/4 from my band Indighost, a catchy song that doesnt feel 'odd'.
0 sales
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