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Progressive Metal Solo
Progressive solo demonstrating how to sustain interest over a changes in keys and riffs.
7 sales
Rock n Roll Shred
Hi guys! Welcome to this lesson using a lot of different techniques in rock guitar, such as, tapping, arpeggios, string skipping, and different combinations of them.
6 sales
Five killer pentatonic licks
5 killer pentatonic licks with tabs, guitar pro files, 3 different speed backing tracks, licks in separate videos (normal and slow). Inspired by guitarists such as Guthrie Govan, Greg Howe, Richie Kotzen...
6 sales
Midnight Coffee Overdose
This song was my entry for Guitar Idol III. It involves some of my favourite rock techniques and licks, and it will improve your alternate picking, tapping, and string skipping, as well as develop stamina in your right hand, thanks to the prolonged wide stretches.
5 sales
Silver Gate
This is a simplified version of my tune "Silver Gate". It is a real challenge to all intermediate guitarists, and great review for every advanced player. The key of this tune is accuracy in left hand slides and right hand sweep picking.
5 sales
The Exit Point
The Exit Point
by Daddo-Oreskovich | 21 November 2013
Difficulty: Intermediate
This 6 string intermediate lesson is "Metal meets Funk" blend. It is a great value because there is a big assortment of techniques condensed in 1 minute. This is a great opportunity for intermediate players to advance to the next level. Rock Hard ;-)
5 sales
Metal Solo Workout in E
This short solo is a bit of a challenge due to the multiple techniques required and rapid switching between them. It begins in the key of E but changes for a short time to A and then D. It's not blazingly fast throughout but it's fast enough to expose weaknesses in your playing.
4 sales
Melodic Arpeggio Sequences
Melodic Arpeggio Sequences
by Tim-Carter | 27 August 2012
Difficulty: Advanced
An intermediate and advanced example of how to create a cascading and melodic sequence of arpeggios tied together to compliment a chord progression. This lesson will also cover using diminished scale arpeggios to melodically enhance chromatic chord changes. These examples are heavily inspired by Jeff Loomis and Paul Gilbert.
4 sales
Mixolydian Jam
Mixolydian Jam
by Dragianni | 14 October 2010
Difficulty: Intermediate
Style: Modern Rock / Shred
Improvisation using E and A mixolydian scale
3 sales
Surrounded - Fusion Riff and Solo
This lesson features one of my own Fusion style songs. It is a good workout for both rhythm and lead playing and features several different techniques such as hybrid picking and legato.
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