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Thrashed - Solo Study
Here we have Thrashed, a solo study in the Thrash Metal style that gained popularity in the mid 1980’s with bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, Exodus and Overkill. The style is based around fast palm muted downstroke riffs, alternate picking and fast bluesy hammer-on licks with bending and vibrato.
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10 signature licks for the ultimate guitar player
Take your phrasing and technique to the next level with this lesson, where we'll be looking at 10 different licks and sections of solos taken from some of the greatest guitar players from the last decades (Andy Timmons, Eric Johnson, Greg Howe, Jeff Watson, Joe Satriani, Kee Marcello, Shawn Lane, Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore,...
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Country Dirt
Country Dirt
by Gabe-Dovaston | 17 September 2012
This Lesson combines some classic country licks with a modern rock styled guitar approach.
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Rebirth of a Lost World
In this lesson we'll be looking at my instrumental composition "Rebirth of a Lost world". It's a song that, apart from a lot of cool melodic licks and phrasing ideas, contains a variety of techniques such as: alternate picking, sweeping, slide, tremolo bar, vibrato, legato, and much more.
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Mixing Scales
Mixing Scales
by Kiss-Roland | 26 December 2010
Style: Jazz Fusion
This is a lesson on phrasing and mixing scales and modes to spice up your playing! Hope you enjoy it! Kiss Roland
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Discovering Dorian
Discovering Dorian
by Gabe-Dovaston | 19 August 2012
Style: Jazz Fusion
Hi guys and gals. This lesson 'Discovering Dorian' is a great introduction to some soloing ideas and techniques in a Jazzy fusion style. It uses a mixture between the Dorian and harmonic minor scales in the key of A minor.
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J.S. Bach - Invention 13 - Tapping & Fingerpicking
Practice both tapping and fingerpicking with this two-in-one lesson on Bach's Invention 13.
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Angels Don't Kill - Children of Bodom - Solo
Welcome to this Children of Bodom lesson! This is one of my favorite solos from Alexi Laiho for its musicality and proper use of techniques, that’s why I chose to show it to you as a lesson.
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Guitar Rock Soloing Techniques
This Lesson contains a wide range of techniques such as hybrid picking, advanced tapping, alternate and economy picking as well as the usual bluesy licks all crammed into a short rock solo. Its catchy, melodic and hopefully it will spark some ideas. Thanks for checking it out!
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Metal Guitar Soloing Techniques
This solo contains a few tricky licks based in the Key of B minor over a metal backing track and is designed to equip you with some advanced lead playing ideas within the heavy metal genre. crank up the gain!
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