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Introduction to two handed tapping
This is a little introduction to two handed tapping (both hands over fretboard).
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Petrucci meets Yngwie
In this lesson I will show how you can use advanced rhythmic concepts like odd time signatures and tempo changes to create more interesting musical passages. If you mix them in with simpler ideas you can create something original without losing the flow of the song.
14 sales
Arpeggio Miscuglio
Enjoy the endless passion for arpeggios and neoclassical aproach to guitar playing through varieties of sweeping and tapping.
14 sales
Dragons Fury - Solo Study
Here we have a solo study in the neo-classical rock/metal style. This style gained popularity from the groundbreaking release of Yngwie Malmsteen’s 1984 debut album Rising Force. The solo study looks at some of the techniques used in this demanding style including alternate picking, sweeping, bending and vibrato.
13 sales
Triad Arpeggios In Root Position, 1st & 2nd Inversion
The purpose of this lesson is to teach you how to practice and apply three note arpeggios and their inversions. Three note arpeggios we call the extraction of the notes of a 3-note chord.
12 sales
Frederic Chopin - Fantasie Impromptu Op.66
An 8-finger interpretation of Chopin's famous piano composition, it is recommended to anyone who wishes to bring their tapping skills to a greater level.
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10 signature licks for the ultimate guitar player
Take your phrasing and technique to the next level with this lesson, where we'll be looking at 10 different licks and sections of solos taken from some of the greatest guitar players from the last decades (Andy Timmons, Eric Johnson, Greg Howe, Jeff Watson, Joe Satriani, Kee Marcello, Shawn Lane, Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore,...
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Rebirth of a Lost World
In this lesson we'll be looking at my instrumental composition "Rebirth of a Lost world". It's a song that, apart from a lot of cool melodic licks and phrasing ideas, contains a variety of techniques such as: alternate picking, sweeping, slide, tremolo bar, vibrato, legato, and much more.
9 sales
Neoclassical Fury
Neoclassical Fury
by Ajdin-Rovcanin | 18 July 2011
Difficulty: Advanced
This time we have neoclassical influenced lesson involving lot of shredding and alternate picking.
8 sales
J.S. Bach - Invention 13 - Tapping & Fingerpicking
Practice both tapping and fingerpicking with this two-in-one lesson on Bach's Invention 13.
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