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Country Jam
Country Jam
by Muris_Varajic | 10 November 2010
Style: Country
Hey guys, welcome to my Country Jam lesson! This lesson is fully inspired by great country pickers like Danny Gatton, Brent Mason, Albert Lee, Arlen Roth, Brad Paisley etc. It's full of chicken/hybrid picking while still keeping some nice melodies and phrases around. So grab your Tele and lets ride!
120 sales
Extended Pentatonic Licks
Extended Pentatonic Licks
by Irene-Ketikidi | 28 April 2012
Difficulty: Advanced
Style: Shred / Hard Rock
Get your pentatonic licks up to speed with these extended shapes, in the style of Paul Gilbert.
36 sales
Alternate Picking Etude in Am
Alternate Picking Etude in Am
by Emir_Hot | 04 June 2012
Difficulty: Advanced
This etude is designed to help you develop your alternate picking and strengthen both hands with correct fingering while maintaining perfect coordination.
21 sales
Economy Picking Lesson
Learn to play more efficiently with economy picking for a smoother sound and faster technique!
15 sales
Introduction to two handed tapping
This is a little introduction to two handed tapping (both hands over fretboard).
15 sales
Arpeggio Miscuglio
Enjoy the endless passion for arpeggios and neoclassical aproach to guitar playing through varieties of sweeping and tapping.
14 sales
Modes For You - Part 2
Modes For You - Part 2
by Muris_Varajic | 03 June 2011
Difficulty: Advanced
Style: Modern Rock
This lesson covers 3 modes (A Mixolydian, A Dorian and A Ionian) over simple chord progression (A7, D7 and E7). It uses alternate picking, economy picking, hybrid picking, legato etc.
13 sales
Triad Arpeggios In Root Position, 1st & 2nd Inversion
The purpose of this lesson is to teach you how to practice and apply three note arpeggios and their inversions. Three note arpeggios we call the extraction of the notes of a 3-note chord.
12 sales
Modern approach of II V I
This lesson will help you to spice your approach of one of the most important point in jazz and fusion playing, the II V I. 5 licks are shown and explained using modern ideas of thinking and playing. Interesting points of harmony like diatonic substitution are tackled.
10 sales
Modes For You - Part 1
In this lesson we'll work on A Mixolydian, Dorian and Ionian modes over simple A7, D7 and E7 chord progression. If you are new to modes then this lesson might be the right for you!
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