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Hybrid picking soloing
Hybrid picking soloing
by Damjan-Pejcinoski | 15 October 2010
Difficulty: Advanced
Style: Modern Rock / Blues / Shred
Lesson in hybrid picking over a boogie blues progression. This lesson contains almost all you should know about hybrid picking (using the pick, M (third) and A (fourth) finger of the right hand).
217 sales
by Damjan-Pejcinoski | 20 December 2011
Difficulty: Advanced
Style: Jazz Fusion / Jazz
Sunny jazz standard is one of the most famous jazz songs of all time. In this jazz fusion lesson I will show you some licks in the style of Greg Howe/Brett Garsed that you can use in every 2-5 progression and ideas that you can play over minor, major and altered dominant chords.
166 sales
Country Jam
Country Jam
by Muris_Varajic | 10 November 2010
Style: Country
Hey guys, welcome to my Country Jam lesson! This lesson is fully inspired by great country pickers like Danny Gatton, Brent Mason, Albert Lee, Arlen Roth, Brad Paisley etc. It's full of chicken/hybrid picking while still keeping some nice melodies and phrases around. So grab your Tele and lets ride!
120 sales
Hunting the Chicken
Hunting the Chicken
by Damjan-Pejcinoski | 14 December 2011
Difficulty: Advanced
Style: Country
This video is a compilation of my favorite country licks and phrases used by Brant Mason and Johnny Hilland.
69 sales
Extreme Neoclassical
Extreme Neoclassical
by Damjan-Pejcinoski | 12 March 2013
Difficulty: Advanced
In this amazing piece written by my friend Muris Varajic, you will learn how to play lightning fast using speed (economy) picking, alternate picking and hybrid picking.
53 sales
Super Mario Theme
Super Mario Theme
by Damjan-Pejcinoski | 21 March 2013
Difficulty: Intermediate
In this lesson we will learn one of the most famous video game melodies - Super Mario
33 sales
12 Bar Blues Improvisation
12 Bar Blues Improvisation
by Roberto-Restuccia | 24 April 2013
Difficulty: Intermediate
Style: Blues
Learn to play to the blues changes in the the key of A, nail the changes and learn to use the melodic minor scale within a blues context and phrasing.
24 sales
Improvising over 11/8
Improvising over 11/8
by Damjan-Pejcinoski | 15 February 2012
Difficulty: Advanced
Style: Jazz Fusion
This lesosn focuses on improvised ideas over a complex rhythm structure. The tune is actually Larry Carlton style track (well known because Guthrie Govan improvises over this)
22 sales
Mixed Rock Techniques
This lesson will help you improve and develop your alternate picking, sweep picking, rest stroke picking, hybrid picking, string skipping, legato, and tapping with one and two fingers.
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Alan Parson - Eye in the sky - (the solo)
In this lesson we are going to see how to play as accurately as possible the fantastic solo that Ian Bairnson played in the song "Eye in the Sky", by Alan Parson.
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