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Comfortably Numb - Solos
Comfortably Numb - Solos
by Irene-Ketikidi | 13 February 2012
Difficulty: Intermediate
Learn to play the solos of one of the best rock songs of all time.
143 sales
Beat It - Solo
Beat It - Solo
by Irene-Ketikidi | 16 February 2012
Style: Modern Rock
Learn to play Eddie Van Halen's amazing guitar solo on Michael Jackson's "Beat It".
70 sales
Scuttle Buttin' - SRV
Scuttle Buttin' - SRV
by Irene-Ketikidi | 12 April 2015
Difficulty: Intermediate
Style: Blues
Learn to play Stevie Ray's classic tune " Scuttle Buttin' " and improve your blues vocabulary and comping.
55 sales
On the Beach - Solo Study
Here we have a modern rock solo study "On the Beach" featuring the main techniques used in the 1980's hard rock style including bending, vibrato, picking, sweeping, legato and tapping, all presented in HD video including a 10 min lesson breakdown, complete with a set of high quality extended backing tracks & GP6/PDFs.
26 sales
12 Bar Blues Improvisation
12 Bar Blues Improvisation
by Roberto-Restuccia | 24 April 2013
Difficulty: Intermediate
Style: Blues
Learn to play to the blues changes in the the key of A, nail the changes and learn to use the melodic minor scale within a blues context and phrasing.
24 sales
Hotel California
Hotel California
by Ajdin-Rovcanin | 03 February 2011
Difficulty: Intermediate
A song that won many awards since the day of its release! One of the greatest solos of rock music ranked 8th in Guitar Magazine's Top 100 Guitar Solos.
23 sales
Mixed Rock Techniques
This lesson will help you improve and develop your alternate picking, sweep picking, rest stroke picking, hybrid picking, string skipping, legato, and tapping with one and two fingers.
23 sales
Alan Parson - Eye in the sky - (the solo)
In this lesson we are going to see how to play as accurately as possible the fantastic solo that Ian Bairnson played in the song "Eye in the Sky", by Alan Parson.
22 sales
Fusion solo - Creating Tension and Release
This lessons shows you how to make your solos more interesting by using chromatic notes and sidestepping in order to create tension and release. Players using these concepts include Greg Howe and Guthrie Govan.
19 sales
Benny Hill Theme
Benny Hill Theme
by Vladimir-Semenov | 03 August 2013
Difficulty: Intermediate
Style: Country
Hello, and welcome to my lesson "Benny Hill Theme". The Benny Hill Show was a British comedy television show starring Benny Hill. There were various incarnations of the show between 15 January 1955 and 30 May 1991, and it aired in over 140 countries. The show is generally sketch-based with heavy use of slapstick, mime.
19 sales
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