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by Damjan-Pejcinoski | 20 December 2011
Difficulty: Advanced
Style: Jazz Fusion / Jazz
Sunny jazz standard is one of the most famous jazz songs of all time. In this jazz fusion lesson I will show you some licks in the style of Greg Howe/Brett Garsed that you can use in every 2-5 progression and ideas that you can play over minor, major and altered dominant chords.
166 sales
Improvising over 11/8
Improvising over 11/8
by Damjan-Pejcinoski | 15 February 2012
Difficulty: Advanced
Style: Jazz Fusion
This lesosn focuses on improvised ideas over a complex rhythm structure. The tune is actually Larry Carlton style track (well known because Guthrie Govan improvises over this)
22 sales
Fusion solo - Creating Tension and Release
This lessons shows you how to make your solos more interesting by using chromatic notes and sidestepping in order to create tension and release. Players using these concepts include Greg Howe and Guthrie Govan.
19 sales
Economy Picking Lesson
Learn to play more efficiently with economy picking for a smoother sound and faster technique!
15 sales
Mike Stern Style Fusion Licks
This lesson focuses on some of Mike Stern's phrasing concepts: Blues, Chromatics, Enclosures, Outside playing, Tritone Substitions, Bebop phrases and interesting motifs. Lots of material to be used in your personal improvisations.
13 sales
Blues Inspired Riff and Solo
This lesson is based on a Riff and Solo following a blues progression which focuses on different techniques and theoretical concepts.
12 sales
Arpeggio Breakout
Aimed at the guitarist that has a good grasp of pentatonic scales and some knowledge of modes and wants to spice up their playing with some diatonic arpeggio ideas.
11 sales
Modern approach of II V I
This lesson will help you to spice your approach of one of the most important point in jazz and fusion playing, the II V I. 5 licks are shown and explained using modern ideas of thinking and playing. Interesting points of harmony like diatonic substitution are tackled.
10 sales
Mixing Scales
Mixing Scales
by Kiss-Roland | 26 December 2010
Style: Jazz Fusion
This is a lesson on phrasing and mixing scales and modes to spice up your playing! Hope you enjoy it! Kiss Roland
8 sales
Discovering Dorian
Discovering Dorian
by Gabe-Dovaston | 19 August 2012
Style: Jazz Fusion
Hi guys and gals. This lesson 'Discovering Dorian' is a great introduction to some soloing ideas and techniques in a Jazzy fusion style. It uses a mixture between the Dorian and harmonic minor scales in the key of A minor.
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