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Mojo Oro - 8 Finger Tapping
Mojo Oro - 8 Finger Tapping
by Aleksandar-Sukovic | 22 December 2011
Difficulty: Advanced
Style: Misc / Shred
This is my 8-finger tapping version of Muris Varajic's Mojo Oro. The lesson also features a full introduction with exercises for the 8-finger tapping technique.
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Modern approach of II V I
This lesson will help you to spice your approach of one of the most important point in jazz and fusion playing, the II V I. 5 licks are shown and explained using modern ideas of thinking and playing. Interesting points of harmony like diatonic substitution are tackled.
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Rock phrasing and key modulations - Rambler solo
Modulate between different keys within the "Rambler" solo and improve your tapping, sweeping and alternate picking vocabulary.
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Flower Duet
Flower Duet
by Achilles-Hilmi | 16 October 2010
Difficulty: Intermediate
Style: Classical
An 8 finger tapping arrangement of Delibes' Flower Duet. A fun way to get into clean-channel 8 finger tapping, and a great party trick!
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Dynamics and tone
Dynamics and tone
by Damir-Puh | 26 October 2010
Difficulty: Intermediate
Style: Hard Rock / Shred
In this lesson we will take a look at dynamics and tone - one of the most important aspects of playing and music in general. Great dynamic control is what makes your playing sound like it means something and it is one of the key things that separates the average players from the “pros”.
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Rebirth of a Lost World
In this lesson we'll be looking at my instrumental composition "Rebirth of a Lost world". It's a song that, apart from a lot of cool melodic licks and phrasing ideas, contains a variety of techniques such as: alternate picking, sweeping, slide, tremolo bar, vibrato, legato, and much more.
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Melodic shredding - They came from the North
This lesson is based on one of my instrumental songs, called "They Came from the North". The song contains a mixture of interesting and modern-sounding melodic lines and phrases and quite a few cool shredding parts.
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Acoustic Romance
Nice and catchy tune for acoustic guitar which will spice up the playing of both begginer and intermediate players.
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Millencolin - No Cigar
Millencolin - No Cigar
by Paul-Coutts | 20 February 2012
Style: Modern Rock / Punk
The song weʼre looking at is No Cigar - the first track from the album Pennybridge Pioneers (2000) which is probably their most popular album and the album that got them their first worldwide tour.
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Country Dirt
Country Dirt
by Gabe-Dovaston | 17 September 2012
This Lesson combines some classic country licks with a modern rock styled guitar approach.
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