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Billie's Bounce - walking bass/chords and soloing

by Damjan-Pejcinoski | 12 November 2014

Hello fellow guitar player!

"Billie's Bounce" (also known as "Bill's Bounce") is a jazz composition written by Charlie Parker in 1945 in the form of a 12 bar jazz/blues in F.

The style is bebop and Charlie Parker is probably the most famous representative of that movement. A 12 bar jazz/blues progression is something that every jazz or blues musician should know. On a jam session, this will almost certainly be one of the jazz forms that’s played.

My “Billie’s Bounce” lesson is actually two lessons in one: the accompaniment and soloing. For the accompaniment I have played the chords (with some basic re-harmonisation) on their own, and with walking bass lines. This way you can perform a great accompaniment when you jam with some other musicians, even when there’s no bassist.

This lesson contains 4 progressions. The first one and the last one are the main theme. In the second and the third progression I play my own solo over the chord changes. My solo is a combination of a gypsy jazz and bebop approaches, with more focus on the bebop (more about the bebop here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bebop).


The progression:

F7 I Bb7 I F7 I Cm7 F7 I

Bb7 I Bdim I F7 I D7 I

Gm7 I C7 I F7 D7 I Gm7 C7 I


Scales/arpeggios used:

F7 or F13 – F mixolydian, F blues, F Major pentatonic, F bebop (F, G, A, Bb, C, D, Eb, E), F7 arpeggio

Bb7 or Bb13 – Bb mixolydian, Bb7 arpeggio

Cm7 – C Dorian, Cmin7/9 arpeggio

F7 or F7b9 – F superlocrian, F half/whole tone scale, F7b9 arpeggio

D7 or D7#9 – D Phrygian dominant, D superlocrian, D7b9 arpeggio

Gmin7 – G Dorian, G melodic minor, Gm7 arpeggio

C7 or C7#9 – C superlocrian


Thanks everyone who purchases this lesson!

Have fun!
Damjan Pejcinoski

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